Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emerging Teaching Assistants - Robot Play, Robot Interaction, New Possibilities

infographic: robots @ school  (Flickr)

I am continuing my study and research about the effect of Student-Robot-Machine Interaction (SRMI) and Augmentative Teaching methodologies and instructional approaches on Teaching and Learning. Serendipitously, a study was released last week after my posting on the possibilities of children, learning, play and robots. Forbes posted a study funded by LEGO that was released about children and robotic interaction. The conclusion of the study was that robots do benefit and can assist students in the classroom with learning opportunities. The study data pointed out that there was an even-split in between what the kids wanted a robot to play with while the others wanted a robot to learn with  (learning companion). There is a good infographic originally posted on Flickr highlighting the study results plus you can also download the study as a PDF file.

"According to the study researchers, and as summarized in this charming infographic, “Learning becomes fun, play becomes knowledge.” Because of this, the researchers deduced that robots could unleash untapped potential in school-age children frustrated with the learning process." Forbes Online, 02/03/2012

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