Monday, January 30, 2012

Pre-Post - Robots in Education: My Teacher's A Cyborg!

Teachers as SuperHuman Cyborgs! A Preposterous Science-Fiction Fantasy you say? Pioneering days in the areas of Emerging Tech, Augmentation, A.I. and Research tells us otherwise....

Just wanted to briefly share with you a bit of what I am currently delving into in regards to the research into Emerging Technology and Augmentative Teaching; such as the use of social-teaching robots in the regular classroom and specialized lab settings.

Robots have also been utilized and field-tested recently in social experiment research with children (both early childhood and autism) with surprising if not controversial results. Already robots are being used for training purposes in medical schools and institutes for remote-surgery and tele-medicine (robotic-telepresence).

What does the research and studies say? 

What are the implications on Teaching and Learning?
And more importantly what do the kids think?

Included here is a stack of research and articles related to the use of robots in education across the world and US - Follow the Delicious Link

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