Sunday, January 29, 2012

WorldReady: Chasing Hot Air Balloons, Learning and Jobs -cc - loc

Where are the new Jobs and why the Hype?

I am net-digesting at the moment – just heard about a number of school boards either closing schools and/or consolidating due to lack of finances or not meeting the grade in Texas. Texas is in a growth stage and is doing pretty well on the economic scene – so if they are closing doors this causes concern for the nation as well. Teachers are sadly getting reassigned or released. Jobs and Careers – not to mention student learning and well being potentially going down the rabbit hole….

OK, I have been tweeting and doing some Linkedin posts on Gartner’s IT Hype Cycle… thanks to a tech friend of mine for connecting the dots…he has developed an Ed Tech Hype Cycle. Here is the Linkedin mini-post of mine (revised)…

Following the Herd and missing the Black Swan (Taleb's Theory): Most individuals have heard about Moore's Law but Gartner's Famous IT business HYPE Cycle has implications as well. Could this apply to IT in Education ? Often, new innovative technologies are blindly ignored - pioneering tech products and innovation does not always win out in the marketplace.

The IT Fantasy and the Great Disconnect - I have also read a right-on article about Tech or better yet Social Media and the Brain Drain…..

Question: How can a company with just 3,000 Employees be potentially valued at $100 Billion and rise to the top-tier business in the US? What is it telling us?……There was the recent NY Times article about a tech company and its business in the US and abroad – tons of cash and very few real jobs, the US operations employs around 48, OOO workers.

These two admired companies have few jobs in their respective companies at least employing no more than a small liberal arts school for one and a large state school in the other. Anyway, TNW summed up how I have felt about IT start-ups at the moment even IT ED is getting swept up in it… is the link 

Chasing Hot Air Balloons…

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